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The Healing Power of Nature

Hello, friend. My name is Daniel.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had dry skin. Especially after showers. Growing up in rainy and cold Europe, our house was often heated, which robbed my skin of even more moisture.

When I moved to Southern California, I thought my skin would finally feel at home… until I realized how harshly treated the water was.

My skin got worse. Turns out my search had only begun…

I feel like at this point I’ve tried every lotion there is. Some worked a little, but most of them didn’t. Even though many claimed to be “natural,” all of them had chemicals and preservatives in them.

In 2018, I became much more spiritually aware of the devastating challenges we face as a species. As one human, we often think there’s not much we can do. But it’s the small things we each do in unison that create a positive earth-wide impact.

I simply wanted a locally-made, zero waste, plant-based, organic body, face and hand lotion without plastic.

After searching for weeks and coming up short, I decided to just make my own.

By studying plants and organic gardening, I discovered a secret that miraculously worked and enabled me to make a lotion with all the things I needed.

After a few experiments, I finally got the recipe just right and began getting consistent results: All-day moisture with long-lasting scent.

I created a small batch and my family & friends tried it. Well, let’s just say they each took a jar for themselves and left me empty-handed. I was on to something.

I refined the formula and created a final product that I would love to share with you and your family today.

I hope you join us in our mission to create organic personal care that is gentle on the body AND our Mother Earth.

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Our Mission

To enrich and awaken your life with organic, zero waste personal care products

Our Vision

To accelerate mankind’s adoption of a local, organic and regenerative mindset for planet Earth

I've always had trouble finding a cream for my eye area as it is very sensitive. This lotion is the first one in my lifetime that doesn't cause irritation and actually feels moisturizing and soothing with an amazing smell. Of course, what I love most is 100% natural ingredients! Thank you!!!
Irina G.

Certified Organic Skincare

Organic, plant-based, zero waste body/face/hand lotion without plastic. Made In USA

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