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Frequently Asked Questions

Every single jar of our organic lotion is carefully crafted by hand and with love in the USA (Southern California to be exact).

We do our very best to source all of our ingredients from national manufacturers and suppliers. While not always possible, at least 80% of the time the ingredients in your personally crafted lotion will be sourced from the USA. That we can guarantee.

It depends. You’ll feel the moisturizing effects of our proprietary oil blends instantly. If you’re trying to heal your skin from an ailment, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. While we are NOT making any medical claims, many of our customers have reported that their skin ailments either disappeared or significantly dimished when using our lotion consistently. Please consult your dermatologist if you have a serious medical skin condition.

While plastic has been a miraculous material that has gifted humanity with a seemingly infinite amount of wonderful inventions and conveniences, it has also been unbelievably devastating to the fragile ecosystem and biodiversity of our beautiful planet Earth. As you may know, BPA is only 1 of 15 chemicals that can leak into the food, water, skincare, etc. that you’re consuming out of plastic containers. Plastic also isn’t biodegradable and doesn’t break down. Ever.

Glass (and our aluminum lid) on the other hand, eventually break down and biodegrade, no matter where they end up. And it won’t leak anything weird or toxic into your skin.

Awakaba (pronounced: UH-WAY-KAH-BAH) is a combination of the words “Awaken” and “Merkaba.” The merkaba star is one of the most ancient symbols of humanity. Geometrically, the merkaba star is a three-dimensional double tetrahedron that also perfectly connects the first 6 living cells of any biological organism found on Earth. The true ancient meaning of this symbol stands for “unity, harmony, integration of polarities” – coming into oneness with God/Universe/Quantum Field… whatever you want to label the infinite intelligent power that permeates every atom in the Universe. merkaba star